Team RWB FAQS – Team Red White and Blue



I was told I get a free shirt…where’s that option?
We offer Veterans a performance shirt when they join Team RWB as a small token of our appreciation for their service. We only ask that they pay the shipping cost, which is usually less than $5.  

Free Veteran shirts are managed by the Veteran Ambassador Program. New Veteran members should go to the national website to sign up.  On the right side of the page fill out your information, select your chapter, and be sure to check the box that says you are a Veteran.  You'll receive an email from our Veteran Ambassador Program with a survey to fill out to get your free shirt.  It will also have a link to pay for shipping.   

Officially registering as a member does not obligate you to anything, and is completely free.  However, it ensures you are kept up to date with the monthly newsletter from Team RWB, and let's your chapter know that you've signed up so they can reach out to you as well. 

I entered an incorrect shipping address.  Can I get that changed?  

Unfortunately, most orders are processed quickly and information cannot be updated.  Please email us at so we can do our best to adjust your information.

I ordered the wrong sizes.  Can I adjust the order before it ships? 

Unfortunately, because items are processed for shipping quickly, it is not usually possible for orders to be adjusted.  The best course of action is to return the items for a refund after you receive them.  You can find all information on returns and refunds here.

How do the shirts fit?

We offer various models of shirts. Nike does have a sizing chart available on their website; however, different models have different cuts and will fit each individual differently. We do our best to provide detailed descriptions of each product on the website. If we have sizing information for a product, we include it in the description. If you are still unsure, we recommend talking to members in your local chapter, and possibly trying one on prior to purchase. 

Can I exchange my merchandise for a different size?
Currently we do not process exchanges. However, we will gladly issue a refund.  See our refund policy/instructions here.

Can I return merchandise?

Please refer to our return/refund policy here.  If you have further questions, feel free to contact us at

Do you ship to APO Addresses?

Yes! All items sold in the Team RWB Store will ship to APO, Puerto Rico and Guam.   Not all of our partner sites will ship outside of the continental United States. If you would like to purchase from a partner site that does not offer this shipping to your location, please contact us at for instructions and we will work with you to get you your gear.

Do you ship to FPO Addresses?

Unfortunately, at this time, we do not have the ability to send items to FPO addresses.

I have a great idea for something you should sell!
That’s fantastic! We love to get feedback from our members. We get lots of great recommendations and will always listen to what you have to say. However, we are limited in the amount of inventory we can carry on hand so we must be selective in our offerings to best meet the needs of the majority of our members.   If we aren’t able to offer it in our store, it certainly doesn’t mean we don’t like your idea or that we don’t think that it’s a great product. 

What shipping options do you provide?

In order to provide our apparel to the most Eagles, we have made the decision to only offer $4.99 Flat Rate shipping. This decision was made for the benefit of all members in the hopes of facilitating a broader reach for RWB. 

Do you charge sales tax?
Yes. Sales tax is applied to online purchases made by customers in all states in accordance to state/city/county regulations. Sales tax is charged based on the shipping address of the order. 

Why are there not more colors and styles for items on the storefront? 

We limit the number of items and variations on our storefront as a way to be more fiscally responsible. With limited inventory sitting on shelves we do not tie up resources we could use on programs. Also with price breaks at higher quantities, our orders for inventory can become very high when you factor in Men’s and Women’s sizes from Small to XXL.